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Well Okay You Have My Attention

115254476Here is one of those things that I just knew that LTD would do, I could just tell, but I really thought it would take him about five more years to figure out. A few months ago, I was upstairs and he wanted my attention and instead of yelling daddy he yelled Ben. You can’t help but laugh the first time this happens. He also uses ‘honey’ when trying to get our attention. In his own defense he really only does it after he hears The Mommy or me do it and you can tell he is just trying to be funny. It actually makes me warm inside to know that he is crafting a little joke or building a humor piece to perform on This American Life. He does need to work on his delivery as he can’t say our on daddy or mommy names without bursting out in laughter. Hopefully as he becomes a teenager he will limit his choice of names to call me.

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