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shotrrThe other day we took LTD for his four year physical and after an brief protest during the initial height and weight portion of the visit he was on his game. He put on a clinic of cuteness during his interactions with the doctor as they had a real conversation and played with the reflex hammer. However, all the sunshine and lollipops ended as the cold reality of what was about to happen set in. The little guy needed to get three shots. His protests were a little heartbreaking to watch. First he wanted The Mommy and I to block the door so the nurse couldn’t come in and then he asked us to hide him as he pushed behind us. Not gone lie in that I almost rolled a tear. Finally, I had to pin him down like a zoo animal as the nurse played voodoo doll. The only bright spot was that we brought BB to the visit so he could watch for a little emersion therapy so he won’t flip out four years from now.

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