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Product Review – NogginStik


BB is almost two months old and so far he has been living someone else’s life. Namely LTDs as he is wearing most of his old baby clothes. However, when it came time for his first toy we decided that he should have something new. The NogginStik is a pretty cool rattle that features a bumpy grip, mirror and changing color smiley face. When you swish the Stik back and forth the head changes from red to blue to green (don’t worry if you don’t move it for a minute the colors stop to save power). It is a little hard to tell due to his age, but it does seem to hold his attention and on my end it is neat seeing the colors reflect in his eyes. Of course when we ask LTD to hand it to BB it takes him a little while to actually give it to him, but BB seems to enjoy the interaction.






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