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I Mean No

YeahLTD has been practicing a certain type of behavior for as long as I can remember. Whenever me, The Mommy or anyone else on the planet asks him any question that starts with either, can you or do you know, without hesitation always says, Yeah. For example: Can you tell me what that is? Yeah. Okay what is it? I don’t know. It’s like he has spent his life training for some movie role or important job where he just says yes to everything and hopes they never find out he can’t ride a horse or code in html. His yeah is so immediate that even though he does it to me at least twice a day I still forget and think he actually knows the answer. We need to find his control panel and switch his default settings. The worst is when someone besides his immediate family asks him a question, they get so excited when he says yeah. That high is immediately deflated as his I don’t know comes just as quickly. So for future reference if you ask him anything and he says Yeah he doesn’t know the answer because if he knows he will just tell you.

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