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Book Review – My Pirate’s Tale

aa28f066c5fd6965e17c42e20fb08e2cYou can count on two things if you are raising a child in this world, at some point there will be a part of your life that deals with dinosaurs and the second, is that, Arrrrrrrrrr! There be pirates. My Pirate’s Tale by B. L. Medeiros is more than a storybook but as she says, it’s an adventure kit. The treasure includes all you need to build your own pirate legend including gold coins, eye patch, bandana, and telescope. The goal of the kit is to craft a story that will change as your child grows. You can still read the book if you don’t feel like turning the house into a full on Blackbeard vs. Captain Jack Sparrow dust up, but what’s the fun in that.


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