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Introducing BB

foot 2It may have been rumored to be the end of the world but for us it was the beginning of having our car’s back seat filled with well car seats. On 12/21/12 The Mommy once again showed how great she is by delivering LTD’s baby brother (BB) into the world. He was 7lbs and 11 oz and a little over 20 inches long and compared to when LTD was born he is a big boy (BB). We are three weeks in and while sleep has been a stranger we have discovered our new normal and BB is actually a pretty mellow baby. The Mommy and I are trying to remember baby stuff since it has been almost four years. I have the diaper thing down but the newborn clothes with all those snaps is not something I missed after all this time.

LTD alternates between benign neglect and wanting to help with BB and in terms of the situation being bad or scary between the two of them we are no where near that. I think his biggest challenge is that he wants to play with his little brother and is having a hard time accepting the fact that BB can’t hold his head up and so he won’t be helping with a puzzle anytime soon. As with my first post all those years ago please excuse this one if it doesn’t make sense getting up at 4am repeatedly does strange things to a man.

PS: BB also stand for the fact these boys will never get a BB gun so the name is as close as they will get.

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