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Oh, Yeah it Has Been A Long Time

1275288623248_hz-myalibaba-web11_4851Now that BB is 5 weeks old I have settled into a nice groove. I’m finally remembering how this baby thing works  after all these years. I have locked down the diaper situation and feel like it is under control and since The Mommy is feeding him I just have to make sure she has what she needs in that department. The one area I forgot about that I now remember I do not care for is the clothing. He screams pretty loud when I try and get one of his arms through the hole (probably because it is a leg hole). And at 4 am the thing that I really do not enjoy are all the buttons and snaps. I have a hard enough time getting them right on my own clothes but when the boy is screaming and wiggling around huge pockets of space are created in what is suppose to be a warm outfit. Bring on the zippers.

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