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Someone’s in the Kitchen

chefA long time ago, I picked up a play kitchen on the cheap (you have to love post-holiday sales). Since it’s arrival LTD’s interest in being a ‘cooker’ has ebbed and flowed, but since the kitchen has a small footprint it’s not really a problem when he forgets it’s there. However, when he does decide to cook he always makes the same few dishes. One of his best is his world famous chocolate soup and even though it is make believe you have to be careful because it has a really high calorie count. Another one of his signature dishes isn’t quite as tasty. The dish has no name but usually includes tomato and pineapple with pepper for added spice. Trust me, I love the little guy, but it is not good and I secretly tell guests that they don’t need to eat it to be polite. The Grandma got LTD a hardcore chef outfit so when he does cook you feel like you are in the presences of a true master. I just wish he would do the dishes.

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