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Product Review – Monkeez Makes a Difference

As LTD accumulates more and more plush animals or as he calls them, Stuffys, I accumulate less and less room to walk around the house. However, Monkeez and Friends offers stuffed animals with more of a mission than taking up valuable space. In addition to plush the Monkeez organization has a large online presence of online games, resources and challenges dealing with their charitable initiatives. Additionally, “…it also gives an innovative solution to parents who are hungry for tools to help them discuss and demonstrate what it means to think of others in today’s world.” If you feel like getting a child a stuffed animal why not help out a charity and also “…the program gives children the opportunity to select one of three partnering charities to direct Monkeez Makes a Difference donations made on their behalf. It’s child’s play that instills philanthropic values to last a lifetime!”

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