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Product Review – Duracell Powermat

Ever since LTD starting calling my iPod and stealing my iPhone, the family has been constantly charging our devices. We have charging cords upstairs and downstairs, but we use the cords so much that a few have broken. To satiate the need for power we could have turned to a Frankenstein like device to steal lightening from the sky, but The Mommy likes a more elegant and modern look to her living room. So the Duracell Powermat is now in “charge” of all things ipod and phone related. I have no idea how it does it, but he sleek pad wirelessly charges the iPhone as if it was out of a Star Trek episode. The Powermat also comes with a small portable battery for charging when you are out and about. I think we all wish the iPhone battery would last longer than a game of Angry Birds but it just isn’t the case, so in the quest for ‘juice’ as I taught LTD to call it, the Powermat is pretty cool.

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