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Now that LTD is in preschool he has access to a lot more friends in addition to the kids he has grown up with from our pediatrician’s mom group. I bring this up because he has gone to a lot more birthday parties recently and some of them are at a place called Pump it Up, which is a local indoor bouncy house fun zone. The place is great because the kids are contained and not going to run off and also the people running it serve as safety monitors and watch the kids on the bouncy slides and obstacle courses. However, the real reason I brought up any of this is because a few weeks ago The Mommy and I took LTD to a fall festival that included pumpkin decorating and a zip line, oh and one other thing, two huge bouncy houses. Yet, here is the rub, the folks in charge of the festival provided no staff to monitor the bouncy houses and it rather quickly deteriorated into Lord of the Flies territory. Telling LTD not to go in when it was right in front of him wasn’t going to happened, but after he got knocked around like a pinball for a few minutes it was clear even to him that he couldn’t run with the big dogs. I had one small victory during all the chaos when I asked some older kids to help him the ladder so he could go down the slide, which had the added benefit of having him slide out of the bouncy house of doom.

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