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Pit Stick

Sometimes at night I leave LTD to get in his pajamas and brush his teeth basically by himself since it most times it takes him forever. However, one has to be careful because like the ocean you can’t turn your back on the little guy. Last night I was working at my desk while he was taking everything pair of pajamas out of his drawer and throwing them around his room, which is how he decides which ones to wear and don’t worry he does put them back (not folded). I figured he would be awhile and I started writing something. The next thing I know he is in the bathroom wearing only underwear and putting my deodorant gel stick all over his arms. I would have been cool if he had at least got some under his arms, but alas that was not to be. He redeemed himself with an explanation that he was doing it do be just like me. Nothing wrong with smelling nice before bed.

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