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Hallmark Moment

This was so cute it was bordering on cheesy sappy episode of Full House territory, but I swear it is true. The other day LTD was complaining that his leg hurt and so I conducted a medical review of the small bruise he must have sustained running around like a nut as he is want to do. I offered an ice pack which he declined and we moved on with our day. The next morning as we were about to leave for school he once again explained that his leg still hurt. As he was on the floor, I did a further exam and determined that it was superficial and it would go away soon. He asked if I could pull him back up since his leg hurt. I said sure and once he was up I said, how about a hug? His reply: Yeah, sure, that’s okay, but it won’t fix it since a hug won’t go down to my knee.

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