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Milestone Week hits the middle mark with a tale from the snack food department. On the advice of our pediatrician we withheld peanuts from the little guy for his first three years. The thinking being that peanuts are such a high allergen that if you avoid them for the first three years you may outgrow a potential allergy. I will admit it was weird giving him his first bit of peanut butter after avoiding it for so long like being told never to go in the secret room at your grandparents house and then being told you can and not wanting to after all those years. However, LTD sucked down his peanut butter with great enjoyment and no side effects. However, for whatever reason he doesn’t eat that much peanut based stuff anyway. I think a lot of kid foods try to steer clear of the peanut so much that we don’t come across it in most of our travels. Yet, the little guy does enjoy cracking them out of the shell when we encounter actual peanuts in their shell.

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