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Snip Snap

Milestone Week day two brings a tale of Samson getting his first haircut, but unlike that story our guy didn’t lose his strength only his ability to look like a hippy. The Mommy researched kid haircut places for a long time after discovering that most the kid haircut places that look like Disneyland don’t actually give good haircuts. She finally found a slightly upscale one that, while on the pricy side, had great reviews. We built it up for a few weeks, telling LTD tale of sitting in a minicar chair and watching a movie while he would get his haircut. But the deal was sealed with the promise of a wicked big treat. LTD was game at first with the big challenge being tearing him away from the toys in the waiting area. He actually opted out of sitting in the race car for a regular chair but pretty much let the stylist do his thing with only a few minor meltdowns. The stylist seeming like he was trained on a roller coaster as he was able to cut the boy’s hair while his head was whipping back and forth. The Mommy was a little emotional watching her child lose his baby hair but I think we kept enough of it to start over if necessary. In the end the only thing that was really tough about LTD’s first haircut was the bill.

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