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Number One and Number Two

Milestone Week nears conclusion with one of the biggest stages a toddler experiences, the potty. The Mommy placed a potty in his room when he turned two after he expressed interest in a four year old’s potty abilities. The thinking being that you just leave the potty in his room and over time he may take the lead. The potty remained untouched for many moons, but one day LTD announced that went pee in the potty. It was amazing and since he took the initiative we saw it as a sign to start his Jedi training. We have a friend who asked her pediatrician when she should start potty training her two year old and got this response, ‘that depends on if you want to potty train for a year and three days or just three days.’ Like so many of the milestones you have to let the child show interest and take the first step. After the first pee in the potty things basically returned to normal with the addition of a bribe. If LTD choose to use the potty he would get an M&M for his call of nature. Sure we had our share of accidents but I have to say unlike my childhood (the potty training in 24 hours book was all the rage) LTD’s potty training went so smoothly it was too good to be true. We kept the diapers for overnight, but all in all pretty amazing and relieved that he picked turning three to be ready and not forty.

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