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Bye Bye Blue

From the better late then never department Beyond the Car Seat is proud to present Milestone Week. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t some of this stuff over a year late? And you would be right in thinking that, but it has taken me awhile to process these precious moments and deal with the fact that my little boy is growing up (that is the reason and not laziness).

Here is one of those situations you that you think is going to be a waking nightmare, but in the end is actually rather pleasant. The tale of LTD giving up the pacifier. The Mommy and I were researching ways for the little guy to no longer use Blue (the pacifier) at bed time. We had gotten rid of Yellow under the guise of losing it (which we did, but later unbeknownst to LTD found). We heard tale of telling the boy that we needed to give the pacifier to a new baby or plant it to grow a pacifier tree. We even heard that you could sabotage it by cutting a hole in it. However, in the end all it took was a little softening up with some getting rid of the pacifier books from the library and the promise of an awesome Superman doll. The real drama was avoided as LTD was basically ready to give it up and only complained for a few nights. I think it was a combination of the fact that we only ever used the pacifier in bed and in the car that allowed for a smooth transition, that and luck.

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