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Birthday Idea

I heard about his very cool birthday idea and thought I would let you know about it directly from the source.

If only it were that simple – as a busy parent, you hop on the computer, press a few buttons and magically organize a birthday party for your child that will directly impact a deserving charity while lighting up your child’s face when they receive their ‘wish list’ presents! The organization receiving the donation can even be your child’s school – hello, PTA Superhero anyone? Well, it is that simple and it isn’t magic, it’s ECHOage!

You, your child, your guests and a deserving non-profit organization will all be thrilled with the way ECHOage turns a birthday party into a convenient and generous experience.

Your child selects the present or presents of their dreams and a charity that your family wants to support. When your guests RSVP for the party, they have the option to simply make a donation with half of the money going toward your child’s presents and half being donated to the designated non-profit organization. Because guest resources are being pooled, your child can get that iPod, shiny new bicycle, aquarium or dance lessons they’ve been wanting – something meaningful that they’ll truly cherish and appreciate!

Let’s start with what’s in it for you, the already overstretched parent – by now, you’re familiar with the ease and cost effective solution of inviting guests with a cute e-invitation. ECHOage invitations have a great design and all of the bells and whistles you’d want with a digital RSVP list and event reminders. Plus, so many additional helpful features, you’ll feel like you have a party coordinator helping you with all the little details. There is a printable ECHOage Tracker that has everything that you need, including guest names, cell phone numbers, allergy information and more. And even an orgizational e-mail you’ll receive the day before the party to remind you to charge your camera! You will also love, I mean LOVE the fact that instead of receiving a ton of shall we say less meaningful presents, your child will choose special gifts that they really want and will actually use. Plus, you get to teach them the completely amazing life lessons of compassion and giving.

ECHOage has over 120 charities to choose from, and get this, even your child’s school can be set up as the non-profit receiving the party donation! Any organization with a 501c3 status can work with ECHOage and reap the benefits of receiving donations from these special birthday parties. To date, ECHOage birthday parties have donated over $1 million to many worthy causes!

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