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And Next Week SAT prep

Milestone Week concludes with a major first step, preschool. After staying home with LTD for the first year it was clear to both of us it was time for the little guy to go to school. I was in the tall grass and he needed to spend some time with structure and kids his own age. The Mommy conducted a major research session while began to add up the costs. In the end we found a wonderful daycare preschool that allowed LTD to go three days a week and didn’t break the bank. He fit right in at the toddler room and quickly figured out how to use the charm offensive to curry favor with all his teachers. Now I get a little bit of my life back and he gets to learn to sit in a chair and listen. The school is accredited and even though I have to label all his lunch items I get a report each day of their activities as they have theme weeks were they study butterflies or apples. Sure we have a few rough mornings that begin with I don’t want to go to school but I can only laugh thinking about how he is going to say that for the next 13 years. Milestone Week ends with an LTD quote from his first day of preschool. He said it in a cute bewildered voice of true learning to stay at the table. I asked him, how was your day? “I wanted to play but they would not let me play, I wanted to go outside but they would not let me go outside.”

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