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You Have Got to be Kidding Me?

File this one in my outrage cabinet. Thankfully, it has only happened a few times but it is such a preventable simple problem to fix that it really sticks in my craw. I’m, of course, talking about people either allowing or choosing to bring their kids toys to the public playground. In the same family of offences as bringing cookies to work but not sharing them. The real reason it makes me mad is that it puts me in an awkward spot of having to tell the boy that he can’t play with that when as a general rule he can play with anything at the playground. And to add insult to injury the playground is a safe space that allows me to shut my brain off knowing that I don’t have to say, don’t touch that. If he wants to go down the slide 16 times in a row, have at it. In conclusion my only revenge is to loudly tell LTD that we can’t play with those toys because they don’t belong to us and I’m sorry about the emotional damage these people through their thoughtlessness have done to you.

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