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Product Review – Lice Guard

School has started and I know you want to hear about reading, writing and arithmetic, but first I present the topic that is truly on the top of our minds, head lice. If you have a youngster in school then you just know you that the administration will be sending your kid home with a “we have one confirmed case of lice” memo. When lice strikes we have used Lice Guard products. Their shampoo is non-toxic and pesticide free. Of course no lice destruction would be complete without a comb. In my day the tiny metal comb seemed to want to kill my scalp as much as it wanted to kill lice. Today’s kids have access to the Robi Comb which detects and kills lice electronically.

For the month of September, LiceGuard.com is offering a special coupon just for your readers. It’s good for 20% discount on their entire purchase when they shop on-line. The coupon code is: MB0812 and the discount shows up after all the products are in the shopping cart.


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