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Don’t Zip It!

As LTD is neck deep in let me do it myself territory The Mommy and I are proud of his accomplishments but no matter how happy we are that he can wash his hands by himself, his self reliance can be extremely frustrating or more to the point time consuming. In no other area does time seem to stand still then the button down shirt. The crazy part is that LTD can actually button his pants, shirts and pajamas by himself but sometimes it is just brutal to watch. A lot of his clothes have normal buttons with easy to fit holes. However, whenever we are running late the little guy always wants to wear the one shirt with tight button holes and of course he always buttons the top neck button despite my protests that he looks like a square. On rare occasions he will let us help but you must play the chess game. If you try to help too early in the process it will take longer in the end no matter how hard it is to stand by. If you wait patiently he will eventually ask for him on a difficult button but by then you have entered the place that comes after fashionably late.

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