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Strangling the Cat

LTD has many hobbies and one that he occasionally flirts with is singing. Okay, I know what you’re thinking and singing may be too generous of a word. While it is definitely not screaming it comes close. He can’t whistle so when it comes to his favorite song, the Superman theme he chooses either the doots or the bams to bang it out. He has also taken to composing his own songs which so far have strayed from traditional themes of love to fruit. So far, his best song is Banana which is pretty easy to learn since one simply just sings/screams the word banana over and over again until headache is achieved. If you are into sentimental ballad type songs then you will definitely be fan of the melancholy tune, Mommy Where Are You? Of course he also plays the guitar and of course this also means he makes me hold the microphone. Thankfully, my contract says that I get 25% of his music earnings. Why such a big percentage? He can’t read the contract and come to think of it he signed in cranyon so maybe I need to rethink the whole thing.

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