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One Man Wrecking Crew

Like so many LTD related things it is unclear when it started but the little guy’s latest manifestation of his free will comes when he does not want to do something. Of course on the one hand we are pleased he doesn’t just use toddle default phrase, ‘no’ but his new choice of words is a little disconcerting. When he objects to, for instance, putting on his shoes he will say one of the following, ‘I will break my shoes’ or ‘I will wreck my shoes.’ Thankfully he doesn’t act on this declaration of violence and it also can be hysterical. He doesn’t really quite grasp has the breaking would work. If we send him to his room he will say, ‘I will break my room’ this makes a certain amount of sense. Yet, when I say something like, if I have to count to three there will be trouble, he replies, ‘I will wreck the counting.’ Now it is extremely hard to follow through on discipline when you are laughing really hard.

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