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Broken Record

Here is a little something from the frustrating files. I guess in the back of my mind I knew that parents have to repeat themselves but never in a million years was I prepared for the actual level of repeats I vocalize on a daily basis. We are talking serious reruns. Toddler hearing isn’t so much selective as it is blatant ignoring. It has reached the point where I can’t even tell if I am saying, ‘please get down from there’ out loud or just in a loop in my head. Of course the repeats are a two way street with LTD saying the same thing over and over again as well. I have a friend who told his boy that he sounded like a broken record and the only response he got back was, what’s a record? The headaches continued when I told LTD that if I had to repeat myself one more time I was going to flip out which had this simple reaction. The little guy told me to say it again (he thought the words flip out were funny) and so I had to repeat telling him that I couldn’t repeat things.

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