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Summer Reading = Cash Money

LTD’s Nana gave him some schmoola to open a TD Bank account with the express wish that he participate in their summer reading program. TD Bank gives children 10 bucks if they read 10 books. The kids need simply fill out the form listing the books. But wait you ask, LTD is almost three and half and while I know he is a genius surely he can’t read yet? True the boy is wicked smart and knows the alphabet, but sadly he can’t actually read yet. I brought this fact up to the TD Bank peeps and they said, no problem. So The Mommy and I read to the little guy before bed a book each and in five quick days LTD got a Hamilton for his bank account. Of course TD Bank does this so that you will open an account with them, but guess what thanks to their coin machine we opened an account there anyway. I was suppose to read a Tale of Two Cities one summer and got busted when I didn’t perhaps ten bucks would have provided me just enough taste to get the job done. Footnote: I read the Dickens book in two days at the start of school after LTD’s aunt Sasha explained that the book was really just a mystery/thriller.

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