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Product Review – Fathead Wall Graphics

You can file this one in the why didn’t they have this when I was a kid department. Fathead Graphics makes hardcore vinyl wall stickers in a huge range of subjects including sports, movies and our choice superheroes. The graphics are stronger than regular stickers or decals, but come off the wall so that you can reuse them if you are careful. We got the giant Superman with a 3D style that makes it look as if he is flying into the little guy’s room. The Grandma was visiting so I solicited her help as you can’t put up the giant ones by yourself unless you want to snap like a twig. We of course put the Man of Steel up while the little guy was at school and when he got home I told him I left my phone is his room and needed to go get it needless to say he flipped out with a laugh/yell, ‘Superman is in my room.’ He was truly giddy and frankly so was I. The Grandma had to ask me to stop using the word awesome as she was sick of me saying it a million times.

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