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Fright Night

When LTD was a real little guy he had two nights of night terrors and before we could research ‘night terrors’ in google they went away. Now that he is almost three and half this is what we are dealing with in the frightening sleep department. Issue one is the scary book before bed which he demands we read to him which I think may be the source of the occasional nightmare. Thankfully his nightmares don’t seem to be extreme and have never prevented him from going back to bed (wish I could say the same for what they do to my sleep). The second issue is related, but mutated into something else. In one of his Disney collection books there is a story about Winnie the Pooh in which the gang go to look for Christopher Robin who, thanks to Owl, they believe has been trapped on Skull Island. Of course it turns out his note said School not Skull but one of the pictures shows the gang reflecting in the ice of the cave creating ‘scary shadows.’ This book, which he was addicted to for a few weeks, I believe, caused him some bad dreams. However, a new night time development has the little guy fearing scary shadows in his room and in the hall at bedtime. Some nights based on our advice he has explained that he is brave and can handle the scary shadows and other nights we have to use all of our tools from the parenting toolbox to convince him that it is okay to shut off a few of the lights that have been turned on. Another bright spot is that his fear of the so called scary shadow doesn’t send him off the deep end and he is still capable of exhibiting good behavioral control during a scary shadow sighting. The only real downside is that now he has me starting to question the scary shadows and he may be proven right if the plant next to my bed comes alive and eats me.

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