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One of the Guys

I know I say this all time, but I truly have no idea how this one started. All last week, even though it was a million degrees out, LTD wanted and did indeed wear pants or jeans with a long sleeve shirt. When questioned on this practice the little guy replied, “I’m a man.” Perhaps all the talk of Superman and Batman has given him the idea, but he does seem fixated as of late on the concept of being a man. He will say things like, I have hair on my legs because I’m a man (if you count light blonde peach fuzz as hair). Normally, his man crush isn’t a big deal but the heat outside has made it challenging since he often refuses unmanly shorts (even though I wear them and I show him pictures of many men wearing shorts). And so now I will leave you with a direct quote from one of his teachers at preschool. He was ont the potty and she asked him if he was done and he said this. I swear to you these were his exact words. “I have to shake my penis to get the drops out because I am a man.

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