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Fanfare for the Common Man

I was watching a funeral on TV for someone very famous (of course I can’t remember who) and they played
Aaron Copland’s 1942 classical composition Fanfare for the Common Man. I dug it so much I download a version for my iPod. Only problem is that my iPod isn’t really my iPod anymore as LTD believes it belongs to him. Of course when he does steal it, he never uses any of the toddler apps I downloaded for him, rather he likes to play my podcasts (which are wicked age inappropriate) or look for a video (he doesn’t understand yet how wifi works). Okay, here’s my point. He frequently finds Fanfare and plays it often. He claims it is his ‘favorite’ song, but he does seem to have many favorites. The best part is when he plays it, I ask him what he is listening to and he correctly replies that he is listening to ‘Fanfare for Common Man.’ He forgets to say, ‘the’ but it is still priceless and always never not funny.

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