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When I was a Kid

I have said it only a handful of times, but LTD really ran with the ball. During our travels if we see something cool I might tell the little guy, ‘when I was a kid’ I used to go there’ or when I was a kid I had that toy.’ Well he has adopted this as his official slogan despite not using it correctly at all. At least once a day when LTD picks up a toy or sees a store he will say, ‘When I was a kid’ I used to use this or go there.’ I guess I will admit that when he says it, it is always funny and thankfully most of the time no one else is around when he says it. His signature phrase has an ‘old soul’ vibe to it that makes the little guy seem as if he is spinning a yarn on an old porch while in a rocking chair. The best part of the whole thing is that when he is an adult I will get the immense pleasure of telling his wife or whatever that when he was a kid he used to say when I was a kid.

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