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The Green Ghost Strikes Again

LTD has always been into Halloween and is fascinated with most things spooky. Of course for him spooky is limited to cartoon ghosts and bigfoots. A few months ago, while we were driving, the little guy grabbed his green car blanket and put it over his head. He asked me where he was and when I turned around he said, ‘boo!’ I quickly said, ‘what are you, the Green Ghost?” Well, needless to say he was excited and ran with the concept. For the next few car trips he was the Green Ghost and the car was in boo surround sound. However, when LTD transformed into the Green Ghost there was a very specific rule he imposed and to break it was forbidden. He would say, boo and whenever I said (using pure instinct) boo back he would flip out and end the conversation with ‘don’t you say it, I’ll say it.’ and so it would seem the Green Ghost has trademarked the use of boo and takes its unlicensed use very seriously.

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