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Product Review – The Instant Trainer Dog Leash

The other day, LTD woke up from his nap and announced that he wanted to go for a walk. Now that the little guy is three I figured we could also take the dog along so she could do her business. On days when I stay home with LTD I usually walk the dog alone in the evening after The Mommy comes home. However, it was nice out and I had the wonderpup in the Instant Trainer Leash. Normally, the wonderpup is pretty good puller on walks and she crosses over tripping me up. For these reasons and more I don’t take LTD with me on dog walks. The Instant Trainer uses moderate but solid resistance to discourage the dog from pulling. The leash just clips on to the collar and then goes around her back side. The Instant Trainer takes a little practice as the leash comes up the dog’s mid section as oppose to traditional leashes that pull from the collar. The wonderpup started walking backwards when the leash wasn’t high enough up her back, but with a little work we got it “straightened” out. Of course since I would never use a leash on the boy our walk wasn’t as easy as I hoped.

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