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Muy Caliente

LTD has long had two default settings when he is slightly weary of trying new foods. The first phrase is ‘it’s a little bit hot’ and the second is the similar, ‘it’s a little bit spicy.’ Of course the origins of these standard responses are easy enough to imagine, but we had no idea they would last so long or apply to things that are cold and bland. For instance, he feels that tomatoes are spicy and when we give him traditionally warm dishes like oatmeal he automatically claims it is too hot when we have cooled it for him already. The flips side is that occasionally certain foods are indeed too hot or too spicy and then he is using the phrases in context correctly. The final piece of the hot/spicy show is that he will whip out the phrases even though we have told him that something is too hot or spicy. The other day I ordered myself some garlic knots and he wanted one. I told him that it would probably be spicy, but he wanted it anyway. Can you guess what he said immediately after tasting it?

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