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Let Me Do It

As we discussed earlier, LTD is in full blown ‘let me do it’ mode. Not only does everything take longer, but it can be challenging to watch. Light switches are easy, even if he turns them off and on a million times, but heavy bags are brutal. After a chorus of ‘I want to do it’ we let him have the bag. Thankfully, he isn’t too proud to announce that it is too heavy. When it comes to heavy doors you really need to be careful as fingers get wicked pinched, but if I hold the top of the door he generally doesn’t know that I am helping him. Of course, he can open the car door and climb in by himself, which is a process that can take many moons. LTD’s self made man mantra is occasionally side stepped when the other part of his toddler brain kicks in and that is his short attention span. Sometimes he literally forgets that he wants to do it himself and if I do something for him quick enough or he is distracted then things happen a lot faster. This practice is especially true during snack time. The little guy wants to get things out of the fridge every so often and I feel like my dad telling him not to leave the icebox door open.
PS: Don’t get me started on opening jars and pouring milk, we don’t have that kind of time.

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