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The Big Boy Bed

From the Memory Lane files I bring you the end of the crib and beginning of the Big Boy Bed. Here’s what happened. The little guy was climbing all over his crib and seriously making the case that he was frankly viewing the whole crib as one big challenge or test of bravery. So it was clear that it was time for it to go. We took the side wall of the crib down and LTD was psyched. It only took him two days to roll off. I made my first trip to Buy Buy Baby to get the crib side safety railing and all was well for about two weeks. Out of the blue, one of The Mommy’s coworkers was getting rid of a nice twin trundle bed and the price was too good for us to pass up. As quickly as the crib converted it was gone. The car’s roof took a beating, but LTD now had his very own big boy bed.

Not for one second did LTD have a problem with his new sleeping arrangements. He jumped in with full force and the crib was not even a distant memory. I swear he used the phrase ‘big boy bed’ about thousand times over the next few days. Of course he rolled out of this one even quicker and I made my second trip to Buy Buy Baby to get a bed sized safety guard. The only downside is that it took him less than a nanosecond to figure out that he could jump on the bed and that act would be pleasing to him. Of course his up and down gave me the opportunity to feel even more like a parent by telling him to stop jumping on the bed. Now we read to him in bed and the only challenge is to not fall asleep ourselves.

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