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Product Review – CitiBlocs

LTD has gotten a lot better at using his fine motor skills and has started to build things. Don’t get me wrong he is still way better at destroying things, but he is slowly evolving into someone who creates as well. Lately, he has really started enjoying CitiBlocs. And let me tell you these blocks are not your father’s Oldsmobile (if Oldsmobile made blocks). Citiblocs are made from fine New Zealand wood (from certified renewable forests) with each block being the same thin shape and tall size. In fact the blocks don’t look like they would be a friend to gravity or toddler movement, but these bad boys perform as if by magic. In the beginning you just build a simple tower, but when you realize that they can stand straight up you start getting daring and creative. LTD made train tracks and the letter I a whole bunch of times, but he couldn’t wait to knock down my sweet creations and he didn’t care how long it took me to build them; he smashed them all with equal force. I am touched that the little guy is using his imagination and can’t wait to build something tall that he doesn’t knock down the second I’m done building it. Click on the picture for some awesome action shots.

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