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Pennies from Heaven

All my life I was always hated Pennies. Well not always, but ever since the family policy when playing Monopoly was to not use the one dollar bills. Ask anyone and they will tell you that I hate pennies. I would be happy to round up to a nickel just to never see the useless coin again. I beg our government to adopt the Canadian model and abolish the wasteful expensive penny. However, until they finally come to their senses and get rid of the coin I no longer hate them as much as I used to thanks to the boy. LTD loves putting coins in his coin jar and taking them to TD bank and putting them in the coin machine. Of course he is always rolling around on the dirty ground (not doing good listening) and so now if he finds a penny I can at least pretend he was crawling on the floor on purpose. We won’t be paying for his college from the penny jar anytime soon, but at least if I have to have pennies in my world they can go toward killing ten minutes and preventing the boy from breaking something in the house while we are the bank.

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