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Mr. Rockefeller

I can’t remember how or when it started but sometimes when you ask LTD what he wants to eat for dinner, he will say he wants a ‘fancy’ dinner. A fancy dinner is usually when his plate is filled in sections with many different foods as if a four course meal was served all at once. It’s pretty funny to hear a three year old ask for a fancy dinner and have expensive taste, but if he eats it more power to him. Another thing he does is refer to adult forks and spoons as being fancy as well. For a while he only wanted the big boy fancy spoon, but as of late I believe he has realized that it isn’t as easy as it looks. The table and floor are particularly thankful that he has moved away from loving fancy spoons as they were getting quite a workout in the mess department. His love for all things fancy occasionally affects are choice of eating out. LTD, when asked where he wants to go to dinner, might say he wants to go to a ‘restaurant’ instead of Whole Foods or another kid friendly place. If you want to hear something funny listen to a toddler say restaurant.

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