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I Want Mommy

And so it begins, I guess I always knew it would happen but it took so long that I forgot all about it. A few months ago, LTD was being, let’s say, difficult when I was trying to get him to put his shoes on (to go the playground, it wasn’t like we were going to a tax seminar) and he just wouldn’t cooperate. After a few minutes I started in with the consequences of what would happen if he didn’t put his shoes on. And that’s when it finally happened. His first, I want Mommy. The little guy pulled the classic move when confronted with strictness, bring in a ringer. The good news is that The Mommy and I are usually on the same page and have each other’s backs, but it is still cute to watch the wheels turn inside LTD’s head when he thinks the other parent will let him off the hook.

Additionally, not much time passed before he evolved his I want Mommy pitch to include playing us off each other. The little guy upon asking The Mommy if he could eat ice cream and receiving a negative response quickly said, Daddy, can I eat ice cream? He isn’t quite at the ‘Mommy said I could’ stage yet, but it does look like that will be coming soon. You have to admire his growing Machiavelli side and be pleased he may run the world some day.

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