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All Grown Up

Now that the little guy is deep into the I want to do it myself phase, everything takes longer. Most of the time it’s no big deal as I have learned never to be in a hurry when LTD is involved because hey that would be pointless. However, while I’m happy he is growing up to be strong and self-sufficient I could do with out the high frustration level that comes with it. In no other department does his frustration peak then when it comes to getting himself dressed. Of course he can now unlock the child safety locks on the dresser so we can’t even stop him from getting dressed even if we wanted to. The truth is most days things work out okay. He goes with his shirt first, then pants and finally socks. 50% of the time his clothes are on backwards, but he doesn’t care because when that happens he announces it is backwards day. The real drama occurs when the neck of a shirt is too tight. Since he won’t let us help the screaming goes on for quite a while. And the socks, wow he had a hard time with those bad boys. Thankfully, lately he hasn’t had too much trouble with them, but in the beginning they brought out a lot of rage in the little guy. As of late, I have to say, while sometimes I question his fashion choices he can actually get himself dressed.

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