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Up Up and Away

The new motto around our house is all Superman all the time. The little guy is truly obsessed. Technically, it is my fault as it began when I showed him a youtube clip from Superman: The Movie with Chris Reeve. We watched the part where Clark Kent first says Lois Lane when she falls out of the helicopter (you’ve got me, whose got you?). After watching this clip in a loop for what seemed like 24 hours, I remembered that I bought him a toddler Superman costume at Old Navy after Halloween a couple of years ago. I forgot about it because I bought it when he was sevens months old, but when he tried it on it was almost too tight. After donning the costume everything changed. First, we needed to get glasses, a jacket and a hat so he could be Clark Kent. Then The Mommy became Lois Lane (and I became Batman). LTD wore the outfit around the clock with the only bright side that when I hid it and he asked for it he accepted my argument that it was being washed. The little guy would demand that he ‘fly’ down the stairs, which meant I would have to transport him awkwardly and deposit him on the couch.

LTD’s Superman obsession manifested itself in other ways. First, when doing any task he announced he was using his powers. For instance, when running to the car he explained he was using his running powers and when he was playing with a toy he was using his finger powers. However, a few months into our home’s transformation into the Fortress of Solitude LTD started to bend reality. He wanted us to address him as either Clark Kent or Superman. Thankfully, he only required this of us when he was in costume. He never really got super angry when we made a mistake and he would simply correct us saying, ‘no daddy you misspoke you mean does Superman want to eat lunch.’ As of late, The Mommy has been working late and we have had to pick her up with LTD in tow wearing PJ’s. Of course most nights he requested the Superman outfit on our way to pick up ‘Lois Lane.’ And of course every night (even though he is suppose to be asleep) I tell him to ask The Mommy how was her day? And every night he tells me I misspoke and he needs to ask how Lois Lane’s day was. I live in fear of the soon approaching day when the costume no longer fits.

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