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The King

It all started with a post-summer sale on towels at Walmart. I picked up some beach towels on deep discount and among the dinosaur and penguin towels was a classic young Elvis one. On a trip to the pool, LTD wanted to use it and asked who that is? That’s Elvis baby, the king. This led to teaching the little guy how to say, ‘hunka, hunka.’ Of course a little Elvis dancing followed and then his toddler attention span kicked in and Elvis was quickly forgotten. Flash forward a few months and the Elvis towel made another appearance and this time it led to singing. The only Elvis song I really know most of the words to is Return to Sender. Here we experience the parent problem of hearing, ‘sing it again.’ I was just about at my limit of singing the same thing over and over again when LTD felt like he could do a pretty good rendition himself. I feel like the King would be proud if he could hear the little guy’s version of the 1962 hit. I can only imagine where Elvis will take us as LTD grows up, but I can tell you this, we probably won’t be skipping Disney World to go to Graceland.

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