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Product Review – Crash Plan

So now that LTD is three he wants to do everything himself and that includes everything. Of course one of the everything’s is touching my computer. I have been playing with fire for too long and so I finally took my faded post-it note to heart and got a back up plan for my computer. The truth is it isn’t just dealing with the possibility that the little guy could destroy my facebook access machine, but that I have a ton of digital pictures and music that need protecting. Crash Plan is an incredibly easy system to use for my computer’s back up. Once you download the software you basically set it and forget it. Crash Plan sends my data to their servers when my computer is on and provides continuous backup if I make any changes to my data. My needs are pretty simple so I don’t really use all the Crash Plan features like sending business data one place and personal data to another. I’m actually really relieved that I finally got a back up system in place as I now have three years of baby pics that only lived on my computer and I just know it is a matter of time before LTD does something horrible to my PC.

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