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Book Review – I Am Superman

LTD’s aunt and uncle have experienced the little guy’s love for all things Superman first hand and so for his third birthday they hooked him up with a copy of Superman Classic: I Am Superman. The ‘I Can Rea’ book from Michael Teitelbaum with illustrations by Rick Farley provides a great introduction to the Man of Steel. The book features huge splash page drawings and simple easy to understand narration. From the Fortress of Solitude to the streets of Metropolis, the tale allows us to enter the world of Earth’s greatest hero. I like it because it brings up Krypton, Lois Lane, Lex Luther and Kryptonite so LTD can go full method acting when donning his costume. The only thing missing from the story is Krypto the Super Dog, but that is okay as the little guy has taken to calling our dog Krypto.

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