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Book Review – Too Shy for Show and Tell

Beth Bracken’s Too Shy for Show and Tell centers around a quiet boy (giraffe) named Sam. Sam has a lot of passions including a fondness for trucks and cake, however nobody knew any of this due to Sam’s shyness. Of course readers know all too well that conflict is drama and Sam’s school show and tell is coming up. Show and tell presents a huge problem for Sam. As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know I never spoil the ending of these books, but I will say what you can already guess that Sam does indeed present at show and tell and survives. The reason I feel this book warrants a mention is the minimalist approach taken in explaining the story. The tale is presented in a simple way without being overly simple or sappy. I am fond of saying specific goals get specific results and Too Shy for Show and Tell focuses on one issue, solves it and concludes.

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