LTD has long played this game with us and well frankly anyone else in earshot. He will point at something and say, what’s that? The only problem with this game is that nine times out of ten he knows what the thing is when he asks. Sometimes he will rephrase the questions in the form of, ‘is that a tree?’ knowing full well that it is a tree. I know what you’re thinking, what happens when he is legitimacy asking what something is? And that is a sticky wicket, but at this point we pretty much know what he knows and what he doesn’t. He also has a pattern, for instance when reading Go, Dogs, Go he makes us stop and look at the dogs playing tennis on top of the blimp, while he asks, are they playing tennis? Of course he knows they are because of the massive number of times we have done this particular dance.

Sometimes he asks what something is because he wants us to say, ‘you know what that is.’ Lately, I have been throwing a wrench in his master plan by responding incorrectly to his inquires. For instance, when he points at a car and says, what’s that? I tell him that it is an elephant to which he gets all up and in arms loudly replying, ‘No, it’s not, it’s a car.’ I keep the, then why did you ask me if you know what it was, to myself.

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