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Rag Doll

Here is a little something that I noticed about LTD when he is in the car. It is a phenomenon that I hadn’t seen since my college days. Of course in college it was because people would pass out where as in the little guy’s case it is due to falling asleep in the car. That’s right, I’m talking about the rag doll factor that occurs when LTD takes a nap in the car. About once a trip, when he sleeps in the car, his head will fall forward when we stop or go down a hill. He looks, for a second, like an astronaut in zero gravity, but only for a second than he looks mostly like aforementioned frat guy passed out. In many instances of the rag doll I have been able to speed up or reach back and push him back into place. And yes he never wakes up and I’m glad we don’t live in San Francisco or he would be rag dolling all day.

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