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The PermaCold

LTD got a cold right before the holiday’s and while it wasn’t horrible it came on as we were about to travel for the holidays, so I took him to the doctor fearing Murphy’s Law would show up and he would get worse on Xmas eve. I was also concerned because every time I take him into preschool there is a sign up saying that they have one confirmed case of ‘fill in the blank’ communicable disease. The good news was that the doc said it was indeed just a cold. Well, that just a cold made the holidays pretty tough for all those near the little guy but we powered through and got back to normal. Not more than a week later, the boy starts coughing again.

We didn’t think much of it cause it was just a cough and The Mommy and I knew he just got over a cold. Flash forward a few days and the cough is still making sleep difficult and so I take him in to see the doc again (thank you walk in hours) and after a check of his ears and chest the verdict is once again just a cold. I of course wondered out loud to the doc how he could possibly get a cold so soon after having one. Without missing a beat she replied, well he’s in preschool. So there you have it. Preschool equals Petri dish. The silver lining is that she also mentioned that all these colds now will steel his immune system for later in life making him not unlike the Six Million Dollar Man, better, stronger, faster.

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