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The Hangover

So the family had an interesting Saturday night. For the first time in almost three years LTD threw up. Here’s what happened. The little guy had a lot of blueberries for breakfast along with a few silver dollar pancakes. At this point all is normal. However, throughout the day he was acting a little tired and didn’t want to eat anything else for snack or lunch. As we were snowed in, we chalked it up to cabin fever, but it turns out it wasn’t that illness but some sort of stomach bug. Around five, LTD announced his head hurt and he wanted to go to bed. The Mommy gave him some Tylenol (cherry dye liquid) while I was holding him. About two seconds after swallowing the syrupy medicine he revisited it. He pretty much covered his pajamas, but amazingly missed my light blue brand new sweater. Pop quiz what is one of the best things to throw up if you want everything to stain? Correct, blueberries.

We thought he might not have actually thrown up but merely spit back up the gross Tylenol so we put him to bed and all was fine. Fine that is until a half hour later when we went to check on him to find his bed covered in blueberry flavor puddles. While The Mommy applied stain remover and remade the bed, I taught the little guy how to pray to the porcelain god. The incredible part of the whole ordeal was that LTD never cried and handled the whole thing with dignity. I spent the night in his room dealing with false alarms every time he coughed, but all was clear and he was able to sleep even if I wasn’t. What is my point in telling this gross story? This is my point and this is true. When we picked him up out of his sick covered bed, he looked at us and said, “I have a throw up mustache.” I swear to you that actually happened.

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